Cateran line up

Wood, wires, songs.

Cateran are a Scottish band, playing their own blend of Country, Americana and Folk influenced music. 

Originally formed in 2014 the band is comprised of a group of seasoned musicians and friends who had previously played in many different bands and in many guises.

In addition to their own set of self penned and recorded songs, Cateran also perform a selection of hand-picked cover versions,  all performed in their own style.

Featuring five vocalists and with influences including the Eagles; Crosby Stills Nash & Young and Runrig, to name but a few, their sound features warm, close, blended harmonies, which underpin their melodic but meaningful song-writing style.

2017 saw the release of Cateran’s debut album, ‘Southerness’, with the release being celebrated with a capacity crowd at The Fort Theatre in Bishopbriggs, Glasgow.  It was also featured on BBC Radio Scotlands popular ‘Iain Anderson Show’.

Careran have just released (December 2022) a new EP on USB called ’The Gathering’. The tracks will all be available soon, on all of the usual music streaming platforms

The band has already enjoyed extensive exposure and recognition for two recent singles they released; ‘Rise’ and ‘I’ll Always Be There’. Both songs received numerous radio station plays across a wide range of countries; UK, Ireland, Canada, USA and Australian stations have all picked up and featured these songs. Cateran were particularly pleased to have high profile stations in Nashville, Memphis and New York, to name a few States,  playing their  music.

Emerging from COVID lockdowns, in 2022, they sold out and played concerts in Scotland plus featured in a prominent slot at the annual ‘Moira Furnace Folk Festival’ in England, where their performance  received excellent feedback. More live gigs are in the pipeline.

The Band


Wullie Allan

Wullie is a well-kent and popular person on the local (Kilsyth and district [Central Scotland]) folk and acoustic music circuit, where he has been plying his trade for many years now. 

A down-to-earth, yet highly sensitive song-writer and an accomplished guitarist with a smooth, melodic and strong vocal.


Bill Hughes

Bill is an experienced musician, having played in various bands, over many years. He plays mainly guitar (acoustic and electric) but also dabbles on mandolin and banjo at times. 

Bill has developed his song writing skills and has contributed greatly to Cateran’s burgeoning list of self-penned songs. 

John Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald

John is the musicians musician – Supremely talented and versatile, although he would be the last person to accept such accolades. He is a humble man.

Playing mainly Bass with Cateran but he also contributes superbly in recording scenarios with guitars, keys, brass and of course vocals.

Jack Fay

Jack is a seasoned musician and adds hugely to the Cateran sound with his distinct baritone vocal and his deft guitar work. A massive personality and character – always sure to lift the spirits and help Cateran deliver to the high standards he himself aspires to.


Michael Canavan

Michael is also a top musician of high standing and regard. He has a wealth of experience, coupled to his natural talent and ability to interpret and ‘feel’ the song. He also adds some excellent harmonies, particularly in the high registers or, as we say for guitar and piano – ‘up the stoory end’. A consummate pro, with an eye and ear for detail.

Willie McKeown

Willie plays drums and percussion. The backbone of the band. He has more years than he cares to remember of playing, across various genres and in different line-ups. A huge talent and one of the most enthusiastic guys you’d ever be likely to meet.

Wullie McKeown

Gerry Sullivan

Gerry is the newest member in Cateran. He is a vastly experienced and highly sought-after sound and production engineer. Rather handily for the band, he is also a talented musician and plays a few instruments.