Latest Songs

Debut Album: Southerness

Set them free

Bill wrote this at the time ISIS was on the rise and the infamous kidnappings and atrocities which were being committed. Also influencing the song was the Political manipulation/lying to nations, which has become almost a deemed ‘skill’ in modern-day politicians – but – there is hope and goodness all around us.

Where are the lights

A song Bill wrote, thinking about how it must feel to be fleeing your country, taking your family on a boat to a new land and uncertain future – it was motivated by the horrendous suffering and loss of life, due to the Syrian refugee situation. Out at sea in the cold and darkness, looking for the lights of a foreign shore. Wullie Allan sings this one.


A song about a first holiday as a couple back in the seventies – a wee place called Southerness on the Solway coast. Bill wrote this for his wife of 45+ years, Maureen.

White Lies

A wee ditty again by Bill, but sung by Jack about those little white lies, which seem so easy.

Grateful Son

Bill wrote this in his empty family home after his mother moved out, due to dementia. A song of gratitude for a mother’s love and the pain of losing her.

Would you stay?

A song about relationship insecurities.

Oh Aleppo

The horrors from the destruction of Aleppo motivated this.  We collaborated with a friend/musician from Tehran, who added some Persian dulcimer to the track.

It starts and ends with you

A song of love and appreciation


Wullie and Jack wrote this about people and nations rising out of adversity.

I'll always be there

Bill writes about the circle of life and the notion of trying to reach out to future generations of family by leaving a letter for them.